We use advanced manufacturing techniques, and adhere to ISO-9000 quality management and 100% parts inspection to ensure that AGL turbocharger replacement parts for EMD, GE and ALCO locomotives are an excellent alternative to OEM parts. Our customers range from turbocharger repair shops to railways around the world. AGL has been a trusted source of turbocharger parts since 1998 an pride ourselves in being one of the few companies in the world capable of manufacturing complete rotor assemblies, clutch assemblies and turbo housing for EMD, GE, and ALCO turbochargers.


Turbocharger Replacement Parts for EMD, GE, ALCO Locomotives

  • reverse engineering
  • sourcing of hard to find turbocharger parts (e.g. older ALCO models)
  • expedited shipping
  • strategic partnering in key markets